Welcome to the Leiden Ranking 2011/2012

This is the website of the Leiden Ranking 2011/2012. The most recent edition of the Leiden Ranking is the 2013 edition. The Leiden Ranking 2013 is available here.

Leiden RankingThe Leiden Ranking 2011/2012 measures the scientific performance of 500 major universities worldwide. Using a sophisticated set of bibliometric indicators, the ranking aims to provide highly accurate measurements of the scientific impact of universities and of universities’ involvement in scientific collaboration. The ranking is based on over 25 years of bibliometric experience at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) of Leiden University.

Compared with other university rankings, the Leiden Ranking offers more advanced indicators of scientific impact and collaboration and uses a much more transparent methodology. Also, the Leiden Ranking does not rely on highly subjective data obtained from reputational surveys or on data provided by the universities themselves.

In comparsion with earlier editions of the Leiden Ranking, various improvements have been made in the Leiden Ranking 2011/2012. These improvements include an impact indicator based on the proportion top 10% publications, collaboration indicators based on geographical distances, fractional counting of collaborative publications, the possibility of excluding non-English language publications, and stability intervals.

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