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Welcome to our new CWTS blog

November 3rd, 2015

How important is the number of citations to my scientific work really? How is evaluation influencing knowledge production? Should my organisation support the DORA declaration? When does it (not) make sense to use the h-index? What does a competitive yet conscientious career system look like? What is the relation between scientific and social impact of research? How can we value diversity in scholarship?

If you now and then think about this kind of questions, this blog is something for you.

Our CWTS blog brings together ideas, commentary, and (book) reviews about the latest developments in scientometrics, research evaluation, and research management. It is written for those interested in bibliometric and scientometric indicators and tools, implications of monitoring, measuring, and managing research, and the potential of quantitative and qualitative methods for understanding the dynamics of scientific research.

This a moderated blog with a small editorial team consisting of Sarah de Rijcke, Ludo Waltman, and Paul Wouters. The blog posts are written by researchers affiliated to CWTS. Opinions on the blog are those of the individual authors. We very much welcome the feedback and comments of our readers. Though we encourage you to post your comments on the blog itself, you can of course also e-mail us. We retain the right to remove inappropriate comments.

We hope you will enjoy reading our blog!

About Sarah de Rijcke

Professor of Science and Evaluation Studies and director of CWTS, and coordinator of the Science and Evaluation Studies research group. Her research interests include academic valuation and evaluation processes, changing research cultures, knowledge infrastructures, and roles of research in and for society.

About Ludo Waltman

Professor of Quantitative Science Studies and deputy director of CWTS. Ludo leads the Quantitative Science Studies (QSS) research group. He is coordinator of the CWTS Leiden Ranking and co-developer of the VOSviewer software for bibliometric visualization.

About Paul Wouters

Professor of Scientometrics and Dean of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. Paul is interested in how evaluation systems have developed and are creating new constraints for the development of knowledge. He is also interested in the history of science in general and the role of information systems in these histories in particular.

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