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Bibliometrics and Scientometrics for Research Evaluation

We are happy to announce the very first edition of the course Bibliometrics and Scientometrics for Research Evaluation to be organized in Australia. The course is provided by Leiden University’s Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) in collaboration with Deakin University Library. CWTS, located in Leiden, the Netherlands, is a world-leading research center in the field of bibliometrics and scientometrics and an important provider of high-quality bibliometric statistics.

The course Bibliometrics and Scientometrics for Research Evaluation offers a clear insight into the use of citation analysis, bibliometric visualization, and other related tools for evaluating scientific research. Information on the course, including the course program, is offered below.

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The course aims to provide participants with a thorough understanding of citation analysis and bibliometric visualization, focusing on their use in research evaluation. After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • understand and interpret a wide range of publication- and citation-based statistics;
  • use the VOSviewer software developed at CWTS in a proficient manner to create your own professional bibliometric visualizations; and
  • reflect critically on proper and improper use of bibliometric and scientometric information in the evaluation of scientific research.


The course aims to serve a broad audience that includes anyone with a professional interest in citation analysis, bibliometric visualization, and other scientometric tools for research evaluation. The course is most beneficial for participants that already have some basic knowledge on bibliometrics and citation analysis.

In order to have optimal possibilities for interaction with the lecturers, the number of participants in the course is limited to 25. Participants are expected to bring their own laptop with them.


The course is hosted by Deakin University Library, Deakin DownTown, Tower 2, Level 12, 727 Collins Street, Melbourne.


The course takes two days and is scheduled for 2022.

Course program

Day 1

  • Citation analysis: Indicators and H-index
  • Citation analysis: Field normalization
  • Bibliographic data sources: Web of Science, Scopus, and Dimensions
  • Practical exercise data collection
  • Bibliometric network analyses

Day 2

  • Citation analysis: Counting methods
  • University rankings
  • Citation analysis: Journal impact indicators
  • VOSviewer: Introduction
  • VOSviewer: Co-authorship maps and term maps


The course is provided by the following lecturers:

Ed Noijons PhD: As member of the board of CWTS, Ed is responsible for applied bibliometric analyses carried out by CWTS. Ed has over 25 years of experience in bibliometric research and applied bibliometric projects. His research interests include structuring and mapping of science, with a focus on applications in science policy and research management.

Mark Neijssel MSc: As bibliometric consultant he is responsible for the development of the contract research activities for research performance studies, network analyses & science mapping studies and tailor-made training courses for CWTS' clients. All of these activities are fueled by the research conducted at the scientific institute.

The local organizer of the course is Sabina Robertson, Manager, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment Library Services, Deakin University Library.

Course fee

The course fee is € 1250 (AUD $2000) This includes tuition, course material, coffee breaks and lunches.


For pre-registration please contact Mark Neijssel.


Please contact Mark Neijssel if you have any questions about the course.

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