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Measuring Science and Research Performance

Our one-week course provides participants with the bibliometric knowledge and skills they need to interpret bibliometric statistics properly and usefully.

  • I got a helicopter view this week. I understand the terminology better now; know what it is about. I would recommend this course to all managers. You will limit yourself if you do not attend the CWTS course.
  • The course week has given me inspiration and energy. This is due to the teachers, they have a lot of fun & passion in their work.
  • This course was recommended to me by colleague. It’s a fine blend of theory and practice. The connected nature of a week is sensible and gives the participants the opportunity to critically reflect on the possible values of research evaluations.
  • The international composition is fine. This gives me insight into what others are struggling with.
  • The course gives me a comprehensive overview of the field. I am going to use this knowledge in the interpretation of research evaluations.
  • Good mixture between theoretical and empirical knowledge.
  • The CWTS people are competent lecturers, they are experts in their fields and are very open and easy to get into contact.
  • I did not know that so much research is going on in this field, the different perspectives and dimensions, I am really impressed.


Lectures are given about citation analysis, network analysis and science mapping, and societal impact of research. Their rationales and methodology as well as limitations are discussed. In addition, participants work in small groups (max five participants) to develop and conduct a performance evaluation study and to interpret the results themselves. Through this course, participants will learn to work with advanced bibliometric indicators and with the VOSviewer science mapping software. These applications play an essential role in many of CWTS’ projects. They will also be introduced to different data sources, including altmetrics and patent databases, which are used for evaluation purposes. At the end of the course, the groups will present and discuss their results.

Target group

The course is designed for professionals whose work is closely related to research evaluation and bibliometric analysis: government and research organization officials, research institution staff, industrial R&D managers, and scientist, scholars and engineers involved in science policy.

Methods of instruction

Half of the course consists of lectures by CWTS staff members, and the other half consists of group assignments (for which a laptop is required).


The course fee is € 1995,-. This includes tuition, course material, coffee breaks, lunch and three dinners. Hotel expenses are not covered by the course fee. Space is limited to 20 participants. Admission is at a first-come, first-served basis.


Monday: Introduction and data collection
Tuesday: Citation analysis
Wednesday: Bibliometric network analysis
Thursday: Societal impact
Friday: Presentation group assignments



Please contact Clara Calero at clara@cwts.leidenuniv.nl if you have any questions about the course.

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