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Tailormade Training Courses

The CWTS tailor-made training program specifically aims to improve the overall functioning of bibliometricans/users of bibliometric data by training a selected group on specific topics and/or skills. 


A tailor-made training is designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of the requesting organization. The clients sets the objectives, topics, location, course length and number of participants during the intake with CWTS. Moreover, the client assesses with CWTS which items are emphasized during the course. CWTS sends the final program to the client for approval.

A client can opt for different services levels ranging from basic- to full service. CWTS arranges for the course, facilities, travelling, accommodation, lunch and dinner in the full-service option. At the basic services level, CWTS provides the course and facilities. An on-site training program is also a possibility.

Participants receive a certificate of attendance and are asked to fill out the evaluation form in order to meet our client’s expectations in the future.

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For whom?

Our tailor-made training program suits any organization where there are several bibliometricians or users of bibliometric data. It is our experience that you need at least a group of 6 persons. Our clients are: universities, (academic) hospitals, research institutes, trusts, funding bodies and governmental organizations.

What type of activities are covered?

CWTS provides both lectures on the theory and context of using bibliometrics as well as hands-on practical courses in its computer rooms.


Please contact Mark Neijssel at m.neijssel@cwts.leidenuniv.nl for further enquiries.

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