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Opening up science through public engagement (online Eu-SPRI track)

Ingeborg Meijer (CWTS) and Wout Scholten, Anne-Floor Scholvinck, Paul Diederen (Rathenau Institute)

Fri 5 Jun 2020 | 14:00 - 17:00
Ingeborg Meijer (CWTS) and Wout Scholten, Anne-Floor Scholvinck, Paul Diederen (Rathenau Institute)

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Unfortunately, the Eu-SPRI conference 2020 in Utrecht is cancelled due to the Corona virus crisis. However, we received so many interesting and thought-provoking papers for the session that we planned that we decided it would be worthwhile to convene online with interested authors and have the discussion that would have otherwise taken place in Utrecht. Therefore, we organize an online workshop on the theme of: opening up science through public engagement.

Pubic engagement practices generally have shifted towards more democratic ‘dialogue models’ of engagement. What do public engagement practices contribute to wider societal goals, such as scientific literacy, new research perspectives and societal relevance?  The speakers investigate institutional, regulatory and cultural barriers and (technological) opportunities for public engagement practices to truly benefit public values. They focus on citizen science practices (part 1), and on addressing institutional barriers (part 2). Each part will be concluded by a panel discussion with policy makers. The following three have confirmed their participation:

  • Maud Radstake, director of Studium Generale (UU)
  • Colette Bos, coördinator Vernieuwing & Netwerken, Nationale Wetenschapsagenda (NWO)
  • Jeroen Heres, chief scientist (Rathenau Institute)

The full programme, including a 20-minute break is:

14.00 Getting settled in 
14.05 Introduction and technical instructions 
14.25 Presentation #1 Margaret Gold - The Landscape of Citizen Observatories in Europe
14.35 Presentation #2 Wout Scholten - Public engagement in different fields of research: invest, appreciate its societal value, and mitigate its potential Matthew effect
14.45 Presentation #3 Joshua Cohen - Towards institutional entrepreneurial publics in research and innovation
14.55 Panel discussion
15.15 Open discussion with audience
15.35 Break
15.55 Start part 2
16.00 Presentation #4 Stefan de Jong - Online tools to bridge the gap between research policy and academic practice Lessons learnt from testing the Societal Readiness Thinking Tool
16.10 Presentation #5 Myriam Preiss - Public participation in research – insights about the importance of the factor time in participation processes in the context of German agricultural system transitions 
16.20 Panel discussion
16.40 Open discussion with audience
17.00 Closing


If you are interested and would like to take participate, please send an e-mail to j.e.bergmans@cwts.leidenuniv.nl

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