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Bona Fide Journals

Dr. Leo Waaijers

Fri 12 Feb 2021 | 15:00 - 16:15 (CET)
Dr. Leo Waaijers

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event20210212The notion of quality of a journal has come under scrutiny. Disputes about journal impact factors, peer review, predatory journals, article retraction, plagiarism, data availability, or non-reproducibility are commonplace, not only in academic circles. The stakes are high; the authority of the whole fabric of science may be affected.
Apparently, journal quality control cannot be left to the market (alone). Witnessing the mushrooming services in this domain, one might guess that academic awareness is growing. But, as so often, it concerns small and fragmented initiatives, which handicaps large scale usage by authors and funders.

Almost a year ago two of these services, Transpose and Responsible Journals, convened an online workshop with a bunch of colleagues with the aim to explore possibilities for cooperation. The workshop resulted in a call to action and the first steps were announced.

It is the ambition of Bona Fide Journals, a new initiative that will be presented at the seminar, to pave the way for a next step on this road.

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