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CWTS as data producer for EU research and innovation policies

January 28th, 2016

CWTS and INCENTIM (KU Leuven) were selected by DG Research & Innovation of the European Commission to provide a wide range of high-quality science and technology indicators.

Starting in January 2016 and during the next three years, CWTS will produce and update a wide range of bibliometric data and performance indicators aimed at contributing to evidence base of quantitative information for European research and innovation policy debate. A key aspect of this project is the analysis of scientific and technological outputs within key technology domains – at the level of countries, groups of countries and global regions.

Some of CWTS information products will be included in high profile EU reports on research and innovation, such as the Innovation Union Scoreboard, the Research and innovation performance in the EU and the Science, Research and Innovation Competitiveness Report. The bibliometric indicators will provide insights on the scientific performance and collaboration patterns across countries, regions and institutions, considering different fields of science. Dedicated methods, metrics and indicators will focus on 'open access' publications, gender equality, and research mobility.

Our CWTS project team consists of: Rodrigo Costas, Ed Noyons, Erik van Wijk, Inge van der Weijden, Thed van Leeuwen, Bert van der Wurff and Alfredo Yegros (coordinator).

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