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New board and deputy directors at CWTS

July 14th, 2016

Paul WoutersLudo WaltmanSarah de RijckeEd NoijonsMark NeijsselNees Jan van EckRobert Tijssen

CWTS has formed a new board to direct its activities in the next few years. Director Paul Wouters will share his responsibilities as scientific director with Ludo Waltman and Sarah de Rijcke, who have both been appointed as deputy directors of the institute. Ed Noijons will remain responsible as operating director of CWTS BV. He coordinates all contract research in collaboration with Mark Neijssel, sales director of CWTS BV. Mark Neijssel has newly joined the board and will be responsible for the financial portfolio. In addition, Nees Jan van Eck and Robert Tijssen are board members. Nees Jan van Eck is responsible for the CWTS data infrastructure. Robert Tijssen holds the chair of science and innovation studies.

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