March 6th, 2017

UK flagRobert Tijssen, Alfredo Yegros and Wout Lamers conducted a study on the research connections between UK universities and their industrial partners. Their working paper, in a series published by the Center for Global Higher Education (University College London) can be downloaded here. Robert and Alfredo presented their first findings at the CGHE annual conference in London on March 1st.

The CWTS team looked at research cooperation links (manifest in university-industry co-authored publications) and researcher mobility (indicated by changes in author affiliate addresses).

By singling out the partner firms located in the European Union member states, they were able to identify how many university-industry links related to continental Europe (the answer: 24% of all links). Some UK universities score a much higher percentage (up to 50%) and seem especially vulnerable for ‘Brexit’ effects, where the UK severs its ties with the EU.

Brexit being such a hot topic, our findings attracted immediate coverage from the Times Higher Education and World University News

The next stage in this CGHE-funded CWTS research project involves a survey among UK academic researchers. The final results of this project will be presented and published in early 2018.

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