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New strategic alliance between CWTS BV and SKS

March 24th, 2020

AfbeeldingThe Centre for Science and Technology Studies at Leiden University (CWTS BV) and Scientific Knowledge Services (SKS) have entered into a collaboration in which we offer consultancy services for organisations that are interested in improving the way they practice their current research assessment exercises.

CWTS and SKS are both committed to the principles of Open Science and recognize the importance of new research assessment frameworks for improving the understanding of research achievements.

It is a common opinion among research organisations, funders and other research stakeholders that the current research metrics that are mainly based on quantitative metrics that measure the research output is no longer suitable to assess an increasingly complex system like the modern research.

The newly mission-driven European research framework programme (Horizon Europe) is just confirming that (doi:10.2777/014023) through its 12th recommendation:

Governments should embrace new evaluation frameworks, tools and techniques that go beyond

static cost-benefit analysis, but capture spillover effects that can be directly attributed to mission implementation.

But how evaluating Horizon Europe’s mission affects the evaluation of a research institution or influence future investments of research funders?

We recognise the role of contextualized research assessment frameworks, therefore we generally suggest tailor-made frameworks that fit the interests of research organizations. Large research infrastructures are recommended to have different assessment practices than multidisciplinary universities. Furthermore, medical universities could have particular requirements as well. We give particular attention to this diversity.

If you are interested to improve your research assessment practices and implement tools that help you navigate the complex decision of investments in research, please do not hesitate to contact us.

About SKS

Scientific Knowledge Services (SKS)  works with researchers and their support organisations like publishers and libraries to improve the production and dissemination of knowledge and to make Open Science a sustainable reality that enables higher quality in research. It specializes in helping such research organisations to embrace new technologies and ways of working. Since 2015, we run a successful series of workshops in partnership with UCL Press and LIBER Europe - Focus On Open Science. The company is helping research organizations, libraries, and publishers to develop modern science communication programs, nurture communities or research practice, develop citizen science programs and offers consultancy for a transition to Open Science practices.

SKS offers consultancy for science administration, to public and private organisations about designing and implementing tailored strategies that embed open science approaches.

We offer insight into strategic scientific communication and research promotion in an age of open science and funders’ initiatives such as Plan S.

SKS promotes a model that combines Focus, Agility, Excellence and Coopetition across your organisation.


CWTS BV is an independent contract research organization that provides high-quality research performance and evaluation studies.

Leiden University’s Centre for Science and Technology Studies forms the core of the company. This prominent institute has been an internationally recognised leader in this specialised field for more than twenty years. The strong working relationship with this institute ensures that CWTS B.V. can always utilise state-of-the-art bibliometric techniques and indicators.

CWTS B.V.’s reports are based on highly advanced bibliometrics, mapping and network analyses. These reports provide clients with a well-founded basis for making key strategic decisions with respect to improving their research performance. This gives them real added value because it significantly expands and improves their funding opportunities. The reports are well respected and accepted within the academic world due to CWTS B.V.’s sound scholarly credentials and professionalism.


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