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Anne Scheel, MSc

Anne Scheel is a postdoctoral researcher in a collaborative project between the Department of Philosophy at VU Amsterdam and CWTS Leiden which is part of the larger project 'Epistemic Progress in the University' hosted at the Abraham Kuyper Center. The goal of the subproject is to investigate individual and collective notions of scientific progress with simulation models, taking an interdisciplinary perspective that combines epistemology, philosophy of science, meta-science, and computational social science.

Her background is in psychology and meta-psychology. In her PhD, she studied reforms of research and publication practices in psychology (in particular Registered Reports) as part of the discipline's effort to recover from the replication crisis and improve the reliability and efficiency of published research.

Anne has a broad interest in how structural, social, and psychological factors influence the research process and the scientific record, especially with respect to threats to scientific progress like error, bias, or fraud, and how these can be diminished. She writes occasional contributions to the blog collective The 100% CI.

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