Centre for Science and Technology Studies Centre for Science and Technology Studies 2333AL Leiden Zuid Holland 31715273909

Dr. ir. Govert Valkenburg

Govert Valkenburg is a researcher at the CWTS Centre for Science and Techology Studies of Leiden University (the Netherlands). Currently, he works on the project 'Optimizing the responsible researcher: towards fair and constructive academic advancement'. The project aims to investigate how responsible research is stimulated or hampered by institutional arrangements, notably in processes recruitment and advancement. Biomedical research is taken as a strategic research site. The project is funded by ZonMw. Govert’s earlier research has covered a broad range of topics, including sustainable energy transitions, privacy and security, and human genomics. He has always connected these topics to concepts from political and social philosophy, notably ideas of citizenship and public reason. His recent research concerned the issue of rice straw burning in India and the potential of alternatively using the straw for the production of biogas. Stakeholder engagement, knowledge transfer, and epistemological boundaries were important foci of this research project. He took his PhD at the University of Twente (Enschede, the Netherlands), and holds multiple degrees, in electrical engineering, philosophy, and classical music. 



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