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Dr. Joviles Trevisol

Joviles Vitório Trevisol is a professor and a researcher at the Federal University of Southern Frontier (UFFS) in Brazil. Over the last years, he has held several positions in university management and science and technology management, as a coordinator of postgraduate programs; as a dean of Research and Graduate Studies in different Brazilian higher education institutions; as a president of the National Forum of Research and Graduate Pro-Rectors and as a member of The Senior and Administrative Councils of important Brazilian research and postgraduate Agencies (CAPES, CNPq, FINEP and FAPESC). His area is Sociology. He has studied higher education policies, especially postgraduate evaluation policies.

He is currently on leave from his regular activities to develop a postdoctoral project at Leiden University (CWTS) entitled “Postgraduate self-assessment policies and processes in Brazil and the Netherlands: a comparative study”. The project aims at studying postgraduate evaluation policies in the Netherlands to understand how self-assessment is designed and carried out by Dutch postgraduate institutions and programs. The results may contribute to the current process of implementation of self-evaluation in the Brazilian postgraduate system.  He works under the advisory of Sarah de Rijcke and Ed Noyons.

He joined CWTS in September 2021 and will be working on this project up to May 2022.

Postdoctoral researcher

E: j.v.trevisol@cwts.leidenuniv.nl

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