Products & Services

CWTS B.V., a business company affiliated to CWTS and owned by Leiden University, offers a range of bibliometric products and services. These products and services are organized into three categories: Monitoring & Evaluation, Advanced Analytics, and Training & Education.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Our Monitoring & Evaluation products aim to assess research performance in comparison with international benchmark values worldwide and/or relevant benchmark institutes. Research performance is measured based on a range of bibliometric indicators. Four key dimensions of performance are measured bibliometrically: Output, impact, context, and collaboration.

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Advanced Analytics

Our Advanced Analytics products combine the powerful techniques of network analysis, text mining, and visualization to provide our clients with customized and sophisticated bibliometric analyses for highly specific purposes. All our analyses are fully supported by pre-developed techniques and tools, such as VOSviewer, which is a science mapping and network analysis application developed in house.

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Training & Education

CWTS B.V. offers a range of courses on using bibliometric analyses for research management and research evaluation. Courses are regularly held in Leiden and we are also pleased to organize tailor-made on-site training courses. Our courses provide bibliometric analysis users with the knowledge and skills they need to interpret bibliometric statistics properly and usefully.

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