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Mapping health and well-being research

This is a collaboration between Vinnova, the Swedish Innovation Agency, and the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) at Leiden University.

The project has the ambitious goal of mapping, in a broad and inclusive way, research on two health topics: mental health and cardiometabolic conditions (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity). To do so, we develop novel combinations of qualitative and quantitative data sources to provide a more encompassing and nuanced understanding of these topics. This includes interviewing relevant experts and broad multi-sourced bibliometric analyses.

The purpose for developing this broader and more inclusive understanding of the two topics is to transition away from the tendency to only consider health and health research through clinical or biomedical lenses. We aim to consider forms of knowledge ranging from sociological, environmental, preventative, health promotive, among others. Some key topics of consideration within the project include Artificial Intelligence and its impact on mental health and mental health research (both positive and negative), and sustainable precision health.

The project has three primary objectives:

  • to characterize the map of the two specific health research areas across relevant analytical categories such as fundamental, clinical, prevention, rehabilitation, social determinants;
  • to describe research activities and their relation to innovation in Sweden in comparison to relevant countries, as well as the actors and organisations active in particular subfields;
  • to portray the views of stakeholders on research priorities, i.e. their views on balance between research areas, and how and why should future investments depart from current activities.

The ultimate goal is to provide novel information from diverse sources and methodologies that will be useful for funding agencies in reflecting on priority setting for research and innovation.


1 December 2020 - 30 November 2021


Mental health,  cardiometabolic conditions (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity), priority setting, portfolio management, stakeholder participation


Vinnova (Swedish Innovation Agency)

CWTS Staff

Carole de Bordes, Wouter van de Klippe, Ismael Rafols, Tim Willemse, Alfredo Yegros.



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