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SOPs4RI – Standard Operating Procedures for Research Integrity

The aim of the Standard Operating Procedures for Research Integrity (SOPs4RI) project is to promote excellent research and a strong research integrity culture that aligns with the principles and norms of the ‘European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity’, and to counter research misconduct. The overall objective of SOPs4RI is to create a toolbox which fosters research integrity and prevents, detects, and handles research misconduct for European research performing organizations (RPOs) and research funding organizations (RFOs). The project involves a mixed-methods, co-creative approach to the development and empirical validation of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and guidelines that will make it possible for RPOs and RFOs to create and implement Research Integrity Promotion Plans.  

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4 years


standard operating procedures, research integrity, research performing organizations, research funding organizations, mixed methods


Aarhus University, Stichting VUMC, University of Split – School of Medicine, University of Essex, Österreichische Agentur für Wissenschaftliche Integrität, National Technical University of Athens, The Health Research Board, KU Leuven, London School of Economics and Political Science, European Assocation of Research Managers and Administratros, University of Trento, University of Warsaw

CWTS Staff

Thed van Leeuwen, Wolfgang KaltenbrunnerAndrea Reyes Elizondo.



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