This page provides access to interactive term maps of 21 Health and Life Sciences (HLS) fields.

Click on one of the maps shown below to open the map using the VOSviewer software. This software allows a map to be explored in full detail. Please note that the software requires your web browser to support Java version 6 or higher.

After opening a map, the color of a term indicates the average number of citations received by the publications in which the term occurs in the title or abstract. Blue indicates a small average number of citations per publication. Red indicates a large average number of citations per publication. To see the distinction between terms related to Engineering and Physical Sciences (EPS) fields and terms not related to EPS fields, click Options, choose Cluster colors in the Item colors drop-down box, and click Close. EPS-related terms will now be shown in red, while all other terms will be shown in green.

The term maps available on this page have been produced as part of a collaborative research project of the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) of Leiden University and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). For more information on this project, please see the following research article.

Clinical medicine fields

Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems

Clinical Neurology

Dentistry & Oral Surgery and Medicine



Infectious Diseases

Obstetrics & Gynecology




Primary Health Care


Public, Environmental & Occupational Health

Respiratory System



Life science fields

Cell & Tissue Engineering

Chemistry, Medicinal

Engineering, Biomedical

Materials science, Biomaterials