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Working Group Career Studies

The Career Studies working group analyzes how careers of scientists are shaped through individual characteristics, research environment, organizational HRM instruments and career policy. The working group is led by Inge van der Weijden.

Research lines

Research in this working group is organized in two research lines: Career Progression of Early Career Researchers and Gender and Diversity.

Career Progression of Early Career Researchers

The academic job market has tightened in recent years as opportunities for academic employment do not keep pace with this increase of PhD graduates. Given the limited number of research-teaching positions, the number of individuals who complete the PhD and leave the academy to seek for non-academic positions is relatively consistent at more than 50% across countries. In this research line, we study post PhD employment and examine the various career paths of PhDs different research methods (e.g. administrative data analyses, interviews, focus group discussions, intervention studies, questionnaires, scientometrics). In addition, we examine work load, competition, stress and mental health of researchers.

Gender and Diversity in Academia

An important dimension of career studies is the analysis of gender relations (and bias) in academia. Sustainable, long term improvement of academic practices of recruitment, promotion, stimulating research, and shaping curricula can only be obtained by addressing the deep-seated mechanisms that cause gender inequality. In this research line, we study gender in academic education, career paths, performance, leadership, funding, and even well-being. A diversity of research methods is used, ranging for instance from interviews and focus groups to intervention studies and scientometric analyses. In addition, we aim to develop projects that change human resource and career practices and policies at universities in order to make them less gender and diversity biased.

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For more information about the Career Studies working group, please contact Inge van der Weijden.

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