Science & Innovation Studies

The Science & Innovation Studies chair focuses on major relational features of science/innovation ecosystems. Research cooperation between public and private sector, and geographical dimensions of research collaboration partnerships, are two examples.


Robert Tijssen is Chair of Science and Innovation Studies, focusing on empirical studies and metrics of knowledge production, transfer, and utilization. The analytical scope connects scientometrics to innovation indicators, and R&D statistics to the evidence-based policy debate.

Research projects are usually placed within the context of innovation systems or higher education systems - either regional, domestic, or international. Many of the 'big data' indicator-based studies have a global reach. Several research partners are based in Africa, Australia, and Asia.

The current research program revolves around three themes:

  • University-industry research cooperation and connections;
  • Proximity and geography in global science and innovation systems;
  • Dynamics and socio-economic impacts of contemporary science.

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One of the information products of the first research theme, freely available on our website, is the University-Industry Research Connections, a companion of the CWTS Leiden Ranking.


The chair's outreach includes dedicated courses, workshops, and seminars for non-academics, as well as monitoring and evaluation activities either through contract research or consultancy projects.


For more information about the Science & Innovation Studies chair, please contact Robert Tijssen at


Robert Tijssen

Professor of Science & Innovation Studies. Robert's research interests focus on the multidimensional dynamics of knowledge flows, linkages, and interactions between the public sector and the private sector, between science and innovation.

Bert van der Wurff

Jos Winnink

PhD candidate. Jos's research focuses on early stage identification of scientific breakthroughs to better understand the interface between science and technology.

Alfredo Yegros

Researcher and member of the CWTS project board. Alfredo's research interests include the analysis of public-private research interactions and knowledge flows, the study of science-technology linkages, and the study of methods that potentially able to capture societal impact of scientific research.

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