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CWTS Research Data Management Guidelines

The CWTS research data management guidelines outline a set of expectations about how CWTS researchers should go about handling data that is collected, processed, (re)used, and shared throughout the lifecycle of a given project.

Research data management guidelines

The most recent version of the CWTS research data management guidelines can be found in this document.

The guidelines are framed by upstream data management policies developed at the faculty (FSW), university, and national levels. They also reflect the realities of the types of research carried out at CWTS and the norms of the research communities that make up the center.

The guidelines contain both a set of general considerations which researchers should take into account when carrying out their work, as well as more specific requirements that must be attended to at different phases of one’s research – before starting a project (e.g. writing a Data Management Plan), while a project is ongoing (e.g. safely storing research data), and once a project is completed (e.g. preserving research data for a mandatory minimum period of time).

More information

Questions about these guidelines, including specific pointers on how to better align your research with them, can be addressed to Andrew Hoffman, FSW Data Steward.

You can also consult the aforementioned extant policies via the following links:

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