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Evaluation & Culture

This focal area is concerned with the development of responsible research assessment practices. It also focuses on fostering healthy research cultures, for instance in terms of social safety and open science practices.

Core team - Coordinators

Wolfgang Kaltenbrunner

Senior researcher. Wolfgang focuses on a variety of topics in the area of evaluation studies, including the politics of quantification and the interpretation and use of academic CVs in peer review.

Thomas Franssen

Senior researcher. Thomas works on the intersection of valuation studies, sociology and STS. Previous research analyzed the constitutive effects of the rise of competitive project funding on the epistemic and organizational properties of research. His current interests are the history of scientometrics and valuation cultures in the humanities and its effects on knowledge production.

Andrea Reyes Elizondo

Researcher. Andrea’s research focusses on the different academic and health science systems and the relationships between them. She is also involved in projects concerning research integrity in scientific publishing and research support organisations.

Alex Rushforth

Assistant professor. Alex works in the social studies of science, specializing in research evaluation, uses of indicators and research assessment reforms. 

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Core team - Members

Tjitske Holtrop

Researcher. Trained as an anthropologist Tjitske studies how evaluation gets done, what kind of resources and people they mobilize, and what kinds of practices, collectives and ideas of accountability, change and quality they make possible.

Thed van Leeuwen

Senior researcher at CWTS. Thed's research focuses on the relationships between (reforms of) research evaluation, open scholarship, and research integrity, as well as on the research assessment of scholarly activity in the social sciences, the humanities, and law. He is co-editor of the OUP journal Research Evaluation.

Ed Noyons

Senior researcher and Deputy Director of CWTS for Projects. Ed's main research interests involve structures and mappings of science and their use in science policy and research management, field delineation, and  multi-dimensional impact analysis, in particular societal impact of science.

Ismael Rafols

Ismael Rafols is a senior researcher at CWTS. He works on the development of novel approaches to S&T indicators for informing evaluation, foresight and research strategies. His current focus is on research priority setting, in particular for societal challenges such as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in health and agriculture.

Sarah de Rijcke

Professor of Science and Evaluation Studies and director of CWTS, coordinator of the Engagement & Inclusion focal area, and member of the Evaluation & Culture focal area. Her research interests include academic valuation and evaluation processes, changing research cultures, knowledge infrastructures, and roles of research in and for society.

Ludo Waltman

Professor of Quantitative Science Studies and deputy director of CWTS. Ludo is coordinator of the Information & Openness focal area, and member of the Evaluation & Culture focal area. He is coordinator of the CWTS Leiden Ranking and co-developer of the VOSviewer software for bibliometric visualization.

Inge van der Weijden

Senior researcher, lecturer and PhD coordinator. Inge conducts both qualitative and quantitative research on the motivation, selection and evaluation of scholars in order to better understand career development of scientists within and outside academia.

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