Advanced Bibliometric Methods

The working group Advanced Bibliometric Methods (ABM) focuses its activities on developing and improving bibliometric methods and techniques. The working group also investigates bibliometric data sources.


The research program of the ABM working group consists of three themes:

  • Bibliometric indicators. This theme is concerned with the development, improvement, and interpretation of bibliometric indicators, in particular citation-based indicators for assessing research performance.
  • Bibliometric network analysis. This theme focuses on the use of network analysis, text mining, and visualization techniques for analyzing bibliometric networks. This theme also supports the development of the VOSviewer software.
  • Bibliometric data sources and data processing. This theme investigates and compares different data sources available for bibliometric analysis, such as Web of Science, Scopus, Google Scholar, and PubMed. In addition, new techniques for processing bibliometric data are developed, for instance for cleaning and standardizing bibliometric data.

The ABM working group has a strong application-oriented focus. In order to identify the most relevant and most challenging problems in bibliometric practice, the ABM working group is working closely together with CWTS B.V..

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For more information about the ABM working group, please contact Ludo Waltman (working group leader) at


Ludo Waltman

Senior researcher and deputy director of CWTS. Ludo leads the Quantitative Science Studies (QSS) research group. His core research interests focus on the analysis and visualization of bibliometric networks and the development of scientometric indicators.

Clara Calero-Medina

Researcher and coordinator of contract research projects. Clara's research work is related with network analysis applied to scientific publications, particularly citations and co-authorship networks for the study of research performance.

Rodrigo Costas

Researcher. Rodrigo's research focuses mostly on the development and application of new bibliometric tools and the new field of 'altmetrics'.

Nees Jan van Eck

Senior researcher and head of ICT. Nees Jan's research focuses on the development of visualization tools and algorithms, mainly for analyzing the structure and development of science.

Wout Lamers

Research assistant. Wout’s main interests lie in dynamics of knowledge production.

Tina Nane

Visiting researcher. Tina's research focuses on the statistical analysis and modeling of bibliometric data and citation networks.

Vincent Traag

Senior researcher and bibliometric consultant. Vincent's research focuses on complex networks and social dynamics. He holds a Master in sociology and a PhD in applied mathematics, and tries to combine the two in his work.

Martijn Visser

Researcher and PhD candidate. Martijn's research focuses on data sources for the measurement of research performance.

Alfredo Yegros

Researcher and member of the CWTS project board. Alfredo's research interests include the analysis of public-private research interactions and knowledge flows, the study of science-technology linkages, and the study of methods that potentially able to capture societal impact of scientific research.

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