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Responsible Metrics

The Responsible Metrics research theme is one of the three research themes at CWTS. The research theme is led by Paul Wouters.


The Responsible Metrics research theme aims to synthesize CWTS research as the basis for public discussion, education, and advise about the use of metrics in research evaluation. The target group for this theme consists of research leaders, university boards, research managers, policy makers, funding agencies, publishers, and users of scientific research in all walks of life.

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Research topics

The theme will prioritize the following topics:

  • The further development of the ten Leiden Manifesto and five Metric Tide principles by analysing how these principles can inform evaluation practices at universities and research institutes and to what extent further specification is necessary for particular contexts.
  • Analysing the development of performance-based funding systems and how these enable and constrain responsible evaluation practices.
  • The analysis of the practice of performance metrics at different levels in the research system (individual, group, institute/faculty, university, national, international).
  • The specification of the ethical and policy implications of responsible evaluation and metrics.
  • The use of metrics in the assessment of societal impact and use of research.
  • The development of training and education modules for inclusion in courses for information professionals, PhD students, and research leaders.
  • Contributing to policy reports and advice on responsible metrics (including contract research projects by CWTS BV).


For more information about the Responsible Metrics research theme, please contact Paul Wouters.

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