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Thematic Hubs

Along four thematic research hubs knowledge at CWTS is shared by inspiring colleagues, engaging networks and connecting with colleagues and networks.

Academic careersAcademic Careers

Universities have changed quite substantially in recent decades in terms of their tasks, structure and culture. Like other public organisations, they are increasingly financed in an output-oriented manner and the emphasis on performance indicators has increased accordingly. In addition, universities have expanded rapidly leading to higher numbers of (international) students and lower government funding per student. Research funding, moreover, has become more competitive and geared towards short-term deliverables and societal impact.

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Engagement and responsibility in R IEngagement and Responsibility in R&I

This theme explores the societal implications and responsibilities of research and innovation. It aims to enquire how R&I can engage with society and be best mobilised to improve well-being. The theme follows from previous policy and scholarly efforts to make R&I more attuned to social concerns regarding issues such as sustainability, technological risk, integrity and social justice. It brings together those interested in how dimensions of responsibility such as Anticipation, Reflection, Inclusion and Responsiveness are developed in different contexts and stages of the research cycle, from agenda setting, to project execution and outreach and engagement. 

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Open Science   website pictureOpen Science

The Open Science research hub aims to synthesize CWTS research on the current policy drive towards "open science" and translate our research results as well as theoretical, empirical, and technical expertise to applicable ideas, advice, and technical solutions. The hub draws in particular on the open science research line in the SES group and some of the research in the QSS and STiS groups.

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Responsible evaluation   website pictureResponsible Evaluation

Responsible Evaluation is a thematic hub in which CWTS brings together its expertise in the responsible use of peer review and scientometric indicators to evaluate scholarly research. The hub provides a basis for public discussion, education, and advise about responsible evaluation, targeted in particular at academic leaders, research managers, science policy makers, funding agencies, and publishers.

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