Working groups

The research at CWTS is organized into three chairs for full professors and has five working groups on key research themes. Each working group is led by a senior researcher.

Advanced bibliometric methods

The advanced bibliometric methods (ABM) working group focuses its research activities on developing and improving methods of bibliometric research. In addition, the working group also investigates bibliometric data sources and bibliometric data processing techniques.

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Evaluation practices in context

The working group Evaluation Practices in Context (EPIC) examines the implications of research assessments and the performance criteria applied, for scientific and scholarly communication and knowledge production.

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Societal impact of research

The working group Societal Impact of Research (SIR) develops an independent method to describe quantify and visualize the societal quality of research. On the basis of this research SIR contributes to new standards for assessing societal impact and implications of academic research.

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Career policy and paths in science

The working group Career Policy and Paths in Science (CPPS) studies human resources in research. Our research focuses on the career system in place and its effects on scientists’ careers.

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Social sciences and humanities

The working group Social Sciences, Humanities & Law (SSHL) focuses on the assessment of scholarly activity in the social sciences, the humanities and law.

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