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Limits to data reuse

Erik M. van Raaij

Fri 24 Mar | 15:00 - 16:15 (CET)
CWTS and Online
Erik M. van Raaij

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Erik van RaaijScholars in my field of research, Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM), are under high pressure to show research productivity. This productivity is typically measured by the number of journal articles published. One possible response to such pressure is to use one dataset for multiple publications. This form of data reuse is by itself not a problem, in my view. At the same time, the Open Science movement advocates publication and sharing of datasets, stimulating reuse of data. In this seminar, I want to discuss when such reuse of empirical data might become a problem and illustrate this with cases taken from published OSCM research. I collect such cases as part of my activity as a self-appointed “science detective” and I would like to investigate if there are tools (bibliometric or otherwise) that I can use in such activities.

Seminar participants are asked to read the following article as preparation: Déjà lu: On the limits of data reuse across multiple publications.


Erik M. van Raaij
Professor of Purchasing & Supply Management in Healthcare | Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University & Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management

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