Introduction to Patents Analytics and Statistics

Starting in 2017, as new addition to its teaching & training portfolio, CWTS now also offers a course Introduction to Patents Analytics and Statistics. CWTS is a world-leading research center in the field of bibliometrics and scientometrics and important provider of high-quality statistics on science and technology.


Based on their extensive knowledge and experience in patent analysis for studying technological developments and innovation, two CWTS lecturers discuss the basics of patents and patent systems, and how to apply patent-related information for online and offline assessment and monitoring at various levels of analysis (from the microlevel of individuals to macrolevel of industrial sectors or countries).

After completing this introductory course, you will be able to:

  • Access online patent databases for your own queries and studies;
  • Better comprehend the role patents can fulfill as empirical information for evidence-based strategic analysis;
  • Critically reflect on the use of patent-based information and statistics in science, technology and innovation studies;
  • Deliver patent-based data that is appropriate for high-quality applications.

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History of the course

The Centre for Research on Evaluation of Science and Technology (CREST) - Stellenbosch University - in Stellenbosch, South Africa had the pleasure to host the very first time this course was given. The course, on April 10th and 11th 2017, attended by 20 participants: students and staff participants from Stellenbosch University, technology transfer officers and IP specialists, as well as STI policy makers from South Africa. This highly interactive course experienced lively discussions between the participants and the lecturers.


This course aims to serve a broad international audience, catering for anyone with an interest in the responsible use of patent information and statistics for analytical purposes. No specific entry skills or knowledge are required, but basic knowledge of patents and prior internet navigation skills are helpful.

The course will take a day and half. The dedicated courseware consists of four 1-hour classroom lectures, supplemented by assignment-based practical exercises that will connect you to online patent databases. The number of participants in the course is limited to a maximum 20.

The course will be held either on the premises of CWTS or, upon request, at a suitable venue at your own organization. Participants are expected to bring their own laptop, or have on-site internet connection at a computer lab.


The course takes two days. The next edition of the course will take place on 17 and 18 October 2017.

Course program

The provisional course program is provided below.

Day 1

  Welcome and general introduction

Lecture 1: Patents and patenting systems
Specificities of patenting regulations and patenting systems


Lecture 2: Patents in context: the world of inventions and innovations
Role of patents in relation to research, technology and innovation (RTI)


Lecture 3: Patent information
Overview of information and data for patent analysis 


Exercise session 1: Producing meaningful data
Getting familiar with patent data and patent analytics

  Day 1 feedback session and wrap-up


Day 2


Lecture 4: Metrics and indicators
RTI policy related issues, patent data and statistics, performance indicators


Exercise session 2: From patent statistics to patent-based knowledge
Applying patent-based data and statistics to address RTI policy related issues

  Closing session; final feedback and wrap-up



The course is provided by our well-known academic staff. The following CWTS staff members offer lectures in the course:

  • Prof. dr. Robert Tijssen: Robert is chair in Science and Innovation Studies at CWTS. Patent –based information has one of his key sources during 20 years of research on multidimensional dynamics of knowledge flows, linkages, and interactions between the public sector and the private sector. Robert has developed and applied various patent-based indicators in his policy-relevant studies to assess and monitor the performance of research universities or science and innovation systems.
  • Dr. Jos Winnink: From his prior career at the Netherlands Patent Office, Jos brings 15 years of experience with advisory work and in-depth quantitative analysis of patent related information. His current research at CWTS focuses on advanced analyses of patent information to track and assess knowledge flows between frontier science and breakthrough technology 

Course fee

The fee for the course at CWTS is € 1 350. This includes tuition, course material, coffee breaks, lunches, and a course dinner in Leiden.


To register for the course, please use this booking form. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis.


Please contact Mark Neijssel for more information on the course, or if you would like us to organize this course at a venue of your own choice.

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