About CWTS

The Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) studies the dynamics of scientific research and its connections to technology, innovation and society. This means studying scientific and academic research from a scientific point of view.


CWTS is an interdisciplinary institute at Leiden University. Its research staff comes from a broad and diverse spectrum of specialised academic fields ranging from psychology, political science, literature studies and information science to computer science, economics, physics and chemistry.

CWTS utilises large databases enabling the quantitative discernment of the growth in scientific publications, patterns of collaboration, the impacts of science and numerous other aspects of science such as academic communications and evidence-based performance assessment.

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High Quality Products & Services

Through CWTS B.V., a company owned by Leiden University, we make it possible for our research to also be used to provide high-quality and value-added products and services to research institutes. This enables institutes to evaluate the impact of their publications and their standing in the international scientific community. We furthermore analyse the development of scientific careers and the impact of research assessment on knowledge production using mixed-methods research (including surveys and ethnographic methods).

Research Programme

Since 2012, we have focused our activities and interests within the framework of a new research programme. CWTS has three chairs for full professors (Scientometrics; Science &
Innovation Studies
; Science Policy Studies) and has five working groups on key research themes (Advanced bibliometric methods; Evaluation practices in context; Social sciences and humanitiesScientific careers; Societal impact of research).

The centre hosts a dynamic group of senior researchers and talented juniors who welcome collaboration with colleagues internationally and nationally. We can accommodate internships and provide students with supervision for Master's and PhD theses.

Data Infrastructure

We have a clear competitive edge thanks to the robust strength of our bibliometric data system that enables us to create and apply high-value bibliometric analyses. The core of this system is comprised of an enhanced version of Thomson Reuters' Web of Science database. A combination of smart computer algorithms and manual data cleaning ensures a high-quality unification of the names and addresses of universities and other organisations. What’s more, CWTS ensures high-quality citation counts by focusing extra attention and care on properly linking the citing and cited publications. CWTS works continuously on expanding its data system to include other major scientific databases, such as Scopus and PATSTAT. This core capability means CWTS is exceptionally well positioned to emerge as one of the leading players in the research evaluation field worldwide.

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