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OceanVisions is a project funded by a Marie-Curie Individual Fellowship to Dr. Francesco Colona and it explores how different research infrastructures in marine science (ranging from ocean-going research vessels to scientific diving operations) and their funding scheme influence the research process: How and what questions are asked in marine and ocean sciences when considering the type of research infrastructure available? What does this mean for the governance of ocean and marine sciences in a time of climate and environmental emergency?

Through ethnographic research, OceanVisions aims to investigate how research infrastructures impact the way oceans and the marine environment are visualized, both for academic, policy, and lay audiences.



September 2022 – August 2026


Anthropology of science, Ethnography of scientific practices, Governance of science, Ocean science, Research infrastructures, Visualizations of science


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

CWTS Staff

Dr. Francesco ColonaProf. Sarah de Rijcke



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