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ZonMw - Stimulating academic gatekeeper engagement in responsible research assessment 

The project “Optimizing the responsible researcher” (see below) has enriched the knowledge base about the shared values of responsible biomedical research and the various ways in which these ideals are (or are not) put into practice. In “SAGE” we translate our results to the practice of organizing and evaluating biomedical research. We focus on the ‘gatekeepers’ at University Medical Centres who can contribute to changing the criteria that are used to evaluate and reward researchers. SAGE results in: a user-oriented workshop and report for each of our two partner institutes; a two-day executive course for decision-makers in biomedicine that targets the leadership of all Dutch university medical centres; and instruction videos on responsible evaluation for the purpose of the course that will be made openly available as online resource after the course.

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1 June 2019 – 31 May 2020





CWTS Staff

Guus Dix,, Sarah de Rijcke



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