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Focal areas

Our research at CWTS is organized in three focal areas. These focal areas represent our core areas of interest, as defined in our knowledge agenda for the period 2023-2028.

engagement inclusionEngagement & Inclusion

This focal area is concerned with engagement of societal stakeholders (governmental and non-governmental organizations, industry, citizens, etc.) in scientific knowledge production. It also focuses on diversity and inclusion in global science, in terms of participation, choice of research topics, and distribution of benefits.

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Evaluation CultureEvaluation & Culture

This focal area is concerned with the development of responsible research assessment practices. It also focuses on fostering healthy research cultures, for instance in terms of social safety and open science practices.

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Information OpennessInformation & Openness

This focal area is concerned with studying and promoting openness of research information, for instance information about the outputs and activities of researchers and research teams. It also focuses on the use of open research information to support evaluation and policy making in science.

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