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STRINGS – Steering Research and Innovation for Global Goals

The STRINGS project  is mapping development pathways for science, technology and innovation that best address the UN Sustainable Development Goals. A consortium of seven universities led by Tommaso Ciarli at SPRU at the University of Sussex and the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) have worked together to better understand the ways in which science, technology and innovation contribute, or not, to meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Low and Middle Income Countries.

The project has developed an integrative framework to map the complex relations between research in science, technology and innovation (STI) on the one hand, and the SDGs on the other.

The project has also involved engagement with a diverse range of international experts and stakeholders to identify the key areas of research and innovation, and their past and future relations with SDGs; case studies in India, Sub Saharan Africa and Latin America to study micro and institutional mechanisms; the development of policy pathways to align investments in science, technology and innovation to contribute to SDGs.

In collaboration with the SPRU, the CWTS team has contributed to systemic data analysis so as to map and visualise research related to SDGs. We have proposed a new methodology to mapping SDGs given the plurality of understanding of the relationships between research and SDGs. See a short presentation and long presentation of the STRINGS’ analytical framing on mapping SDGs.

An interactive visualisation of the SDG mappings can be found in this webpage.

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January 2020 – Mars 2022


SDGs, sustainability, mapping, integrative framework



CWTS Staff

Ismael Rafols, Ed NoyonsAlfredo Yegros



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