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Centre for Science and Technology Studies

The Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) studies scientific research and its connections to technology, innovation, and society. Our research, bibliometric and scientometric tools, and evaluation expertise provide a solid basis for supporting research assessment and strategic decision making and for developing science policy.


  • Vaccine development in context

    CWTS' Leonie van Drooge has received the Moderna vaccine. She is not an army enthusiast, yet she is grateful to the US Dept. of Defense. Its agency DARPA funded Moderna in 2013 to further develop the then-novel mRNA technology. This blog looks into how DARPA does or doesn't solve challenges.

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  • Halt the h-index

    Using the h-index in research evaluation? Rather not. But why not, actually? Why is using this indicator so problematic? And what are the alternatives anyway? Our authors walk you through an infographic that addresses these questions and aims to highlight some key issues in this discussion.

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  • Research evaluation in context 4: the practice of research evaluation

    The Strategy Evaluation Protocol describes a forward-looking evaluation for which research organisations are responsible. Context, aims and strategy of units are key. Very timely and relevant, yet it is easier said than done.

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