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Centre for Science and Technology Studies

The Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) studies scientific research and its connections to technology, innovation, and society. Our research, bibliometric and scientometric tools, and evaluation expertise provide a solid basis for supporting research assessment and strategic decision making and for developing science policy.


  • Practicing what we preach: Our journey toward open science

    CWTS just published its open science policy. The development of this policy was coordinated by Thed van Leeuwen and Ludo Waltman. In this blog post, they reflect on the journey CWTS is making toward more open ways of working.

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  • VOSviewer goes online! (Part 2)

    Last week, CWTS colleagues Nees Jan van Eck and Ludo Waltman published a post in which they announced the launch of VOSviewer Online. Today, they discuss a new update of the regular stand-alone VOSviewer tool, offering additional possibilities for making VOSviewer visualizations available online.

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  • Responsible Research Culture: Practicing what we preach at CWTS

    CWTS prepares for a new phase in its organization. In our new strategy, we aim to put our values first. A value-based strategy is the cornerstone of a well-functioning, positive research culture. Through open dialogue sessions we started to further shape this culture.

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