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KIGS - Kommunikationsmuster in den Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften

KIGS is a research project on communication patterns in the social sciences and humanities. Counting of publications and citations are common methods to measure international scientific impact. Based on citation analyses, various calculation methods and indicators have developed in recent years. However, the humanities and social sciences are still barely accessible to bibliometrics.

At first glance, the reasons for this inaccessibility are based on the poor coverage of publications by publication databases on which bibliometrics rely on. On second glance, it becomes obvious that the publishing and referencing practices in the humanities and social sciences differ from those in natural sciences.

Discipline-specific practices of dealing with and referring to different types of publications suggest that citations may look alike, but publications may be linked in a way that is specific to the humanities and the social sciences for specific purposes.

In the project we build publication databases that contain much of the literature in the disciplines art history and international relations. Based on this data, communication practices, their embedding in the work processes and the respective meanings of the reciprocal references of publications are going to be analysed.





February 2019 – March 2022


Art history, international relations, bibliometrics in the social sciences and humanities


TU Berlin

CWTS Staff

Thomas Franssen, Zeynep Anli



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