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SIA-graph (Eurostars) – Social impact analysis graph

In this consortium CWTS (Leiden University) collaborates with two Swedish SMEs: Monocl AB and Recorded Future AB. Monocl AB delivers intuitive analysis software to Life Sciences professionals in support of strategic decisions and improvement of business performance. Recorded Future AB is an organization which is active in the field of cyber security. They help to protect four organisations out of the top-5 of organisations worldwide against cyber-attacks. CWTS studies scientific research and its connections to technology, innovation and society.

The Social Impact Analysis Graph (SIA graph) will yield a groundbreaking application which will enable its users to identify and qualify experts and opinion leaders in the Life Sciences. Users of the software will gain insight to the actual influence and social fingerprint of individual experts based on their activity and presence in several forums and platforms, such as social media, conferences, news, blogs etc. The SIA graph will be delivered as Software-as-a-Service solution built on an already partly existing platform.
Traditional publication and citation analyses and more recent altmetrics are widely used methods to identify and qualify researchers within Life Sciences. However, these metrics are not sufficient for business purposes, because one wants to understand the actual influence and commercial relevance of an individual expert. Because the presence of experts on social platforms are made visible, SIA graph delivers new insights, competitive advantage and important strategic information to users from the business industry.

The most important market segment for the SIA graph is the (bio)pharmaceutical industry, medical device organisations and organisations in the field of laboratory technology. The SIA graph will be designed specifically for this segment of the market. Medical affairs, business intelligence and sales and marketing functionalities will be prioritized, because the consortium believes that these user groups will benefit the most of identifying and qualifying experts in Life Sciences using the SIA graph. Initially the consortium aims at organisations in Europe and the US for the launch of the product; in a later stage China and Japan will follow.





1 April 2016 – 30 September 2017


life Sciences, expert analytics, altmetrics


Monocl Ab, Recorded Future Ab

CWTS Staff

Ingeborg MeijerRodrigo Costas ComesanaThomas FranssenClara Calero-MedinaZohreh ZahediPaul Wouters



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