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SciSTIP – Bibliometric identification of research teams in Africa

This project is opening up the possibility of systematically studying research teams from a broad perspective, by developing specific bibliometric methodologies able to identify active collaborative research teams in Africa. Based on the extensive experience of CWTS and CREST, this project represents a unique opportunity to pioneer the study of the configuration and creation of research teams in the African continent. Particularly relevant is the combination of the quantitative bibliometric experience of CWTS with the specific qualitative knowledge that CREST has on African research teams, acquired through the Young Scientists in Africa project.

The results of this project are critical for understanding how African scholars collaborate and organise in research teams; provide unique information on their main characteristics and factors (e.g. countries of origin, institutions, productivity, gender, age, etc.); and allow the development of research policies targeted at the improvement and optimisation of the configuration of these research teams in the continent.




1 January 2017 – 31 December 2020


bibliometrics, research teams, Africa



CWTS Staff

Clara Calero-Medina, Rodrigo Costas Comesana, Zohreh Zahedi



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