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KeyTech/KTD – Identification of key technology domains: monitoring and analysis of European research and innovation policy

The main aim of the project is to collect and update on a regular basis bibliometric and patent indicators that can be used to underpin and inform analyses pursued at the European Commission (EC) to assess European and national scientific and technological performance.

More specifically, the outcomes of this study are relevant and useful for different EC publications, including ‘Research and Innovation Performance in the EU’; ‘Science, Research and Innovation Competitiveness Report’; ‘Innovation Union Scorecard’ and the ‘Regional Innovation Scorecard’. All these reports and the underlying analyses require bibliometric and patent data.

CWTS contribution to the project is related to the generation of bibliometric indicators covering a variety of areas, including among others, international collaboration, public-private co-publications, citation impact indicators, gender and mobility.

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1 February 2016 – 31 January 2019


scientific publications, public-private co-publications, citation impact, international collaboration, gender indicators, researcher mobility , patent indicators, scientific performance, technological performance


INCENTIM KU Leuven, Technopolis Group, IDEA Consult

CWTS Staff

Alfredo Yegros Yegros, Rodrigo Costas Comesana, Ed Noyons, Erik van Wijk, Inge van der Weijden, Thed van Leeuwen, Wout Lamers



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