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Open Science Monitor – Study on Open Science: monitoring trends and drivers

The aim of this study is to further develop the Open Science Monitor, which started as a pilot study. This Open Science Monitor provides a way to assess developments and trends in open science in Europe, over time and comparatively between countries and scientific disciplines. The monitor consists of three pillars: trends, drivers and barriers, and impacts. For the first pillar – trends – regular updates of available data and new data collection will be carried out. The second and third pillar will consist of policy case studies and exploratory analysis in order to improve and extend the understanding of changes.





2 years: December 2017 – December 2019


open Science, bibliometric analysis, case studies, exploratory analysis


The Lisbon Council, ESADE 

CWTS Staff

Thed van Leeuwen, Ingeborg Meijer, Rodrigo Costas-Comesana, Jonathan Dudek, Tung Tung Chan



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