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CWTS B.V. is a company affiliated to CWTS and owned by Leiden University. Our core mission is to contribute to a sustainable science system by providing high-quality services for research evaluation, research management and science policy. These services are based on analyses and visualizations of academic output, reach and impact of various types of research organisations. Our philosophy is that research quality and relevance are collective achievements involving many professional-, policy oriented- and academic stakeholders. Our services are organized into three concepts: Evidence, Insights and Learning.


CWTS provides bibliometric data and analyses based on its own citation index system. Our tailor-made study design makes it possible to analyse at the level of a discipline, research field or organisational unit. We offer a broad range of analytical dimensions because we have a plethora of (interconnected) data sources in our citation index system.

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CWTS B.V. combines the powerful techniques of network analysis, text mining and visualisation to provide its clients with customised and sophisticated bibliometric analyses for highly strategic purposes. All our analyses are fully supported by pre-developed techniques and tools, such as VOSviewer, which is a science mapping and network analysis application developed in-house.

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CWTS B.V. offers a range of services that support organisational learning and strategic policy planning in research management. Our Evaluative Inquiry approach helps research organisations with making their research values and strengths visible in the context of the research organisation and stakeholder relations. Furthermore, it is aligned with the Strategy Evaluation Protocol (SEP) by VSNU, KNAW and NWO and provides valuable input for the self-evaluation report. Additionally, 

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Bibliometrics for Research Management and Research Evaluation

In the report Bibliometrics for Research Management and Research Evaluation - A Brief Introduction, CWTS brings together essential information about the use of bibliometrics in research management and research evaluation. This report is intended for anyone with a professional interest in the application of bibliometrics in a research management and research evaluation context. The report is available here.

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