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Information & Openness

This focal area is concerned with studying and promoting openness of research information, for instance information about the outputs and activities of researchers and research teams. It also focuses on the use of open research information to support evaluation and policy making in science.

Core team - Coordinators

Zeynep Anli

Researcher and project coordinator, working mainly on Leiden Ranking and various European Union projects on research assessment, open science, organizational research, bibliometric data, gender analysis and data curation.

Clara Calero-Medina

Senior researcher and coordinator of contract research projects. Clara's research work is related with network analysis applied to scientific publications, particularly citations and co-authorship networks for the study of research performance.

Nees Jan van Eck

Senior researcher, head of ICT, and coordinator of the Information & Openness focal area. Nees Jan's research focuses on infrastructures and the devepment of tools and algorithms to support research assessment, science policy, and scholarly communication.

Ludo Waltman

Professor of Quantitative Science Studies and deputy director of CWTS. Ludo is coordinator of the Information & Openness focal area, and member of the Evaluation & Culture focal area. He is coordinator of the CWTS Leiden Ranking and co-developer of the VOSviewer software for bibliometric visualization.

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Core team - Members

Rodrigo Costas

Senior researcher. Rodrigo's research focuses on the development of new social media metrics (altmetrics), new scientometric applications at the individual-level and the study of funding acknowledgements.

Thed van Leeuwen

Senior researcher at CWTS. Thed's research focuses on the relationships between (reforms of) research evaluation, open scholarship, and research integrity, as well as on the research assessment of scholarly activity in the social sciences, the humanities, and law. He is co-editor of the OUP journal Research Evaluation.

Mark Neijssel

Sales director CWTS B.V. Mark is responsible for the development of the contract research activities for research performance studies, network analyses, and science mapping studies, as well as tailor-made training courses for clients.

Alex Rushforth

Assistant professor. Alex works in the social studies of science, specializing in research evaluation, uses of indicators and research assessment reforms. 

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