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Nanodata – Data providing services in support of research and policy in the field of nanosciences and nanotechnologies

This project, commissioned by DG Research and Innovation, aims to provide information for policies that lead to the creation and improvement of the conditions which will allow researchers and European industries to safely master the properties of nanomaterials and to innovate with nanotechnology. This consortium aims to provide a coherent framework which:

  • presents nano data and pieces of information in a way which provides systematic insights into the whole nano-value chain, from scientific research to market, from the basic materials, via nano-enabled components and products, to “end-of-life” solutions;
  • indicates the interconnections between the different aspects;
  • is up-to-date, providing insights into the recent dynamics in the field of nanotechnology, nano-industries and related markets;
  • makes the relation of issues of risks and regulations to these developments visible;
  • makes this integrated information base adequately accessible for the wider public, for interested stakeholders and for specialists at the same time.



1 December 2013 – 30 November 2017


data, research, policy, nanosciences, nanotechnologies


The Joint Institute for Innovation Policy (JIIP), TNO, Tecnalia, Joanneum Research, Frost & Sullivan, Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA), Oakdene Hollins

CWTS Staff

Ingeborg Meijer, Ed Noyons, Jos Winnink



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