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Master & PhD Thesis Supervision

CWTS staff members regularly supervise PhD theses and act as external Ma-thesis advisors. We offer a range of topics for students from several disciplines interested in science studies, research evaluation, bibliometrics, altmetrics, higher education studies, innovation studies, organizational sociology, and science policy.

Master Thesis Assignments

Master students develop a clear problem statement, explore relevant theoretical approaches, develop a research strategy, and collect and analyze data under supervision of CWTS staff. Topics should be closely related to the research conducted by the CWTS working groups and chairs. All students are given the opportunity to participate in our research seminars.

PhD Thesis Supervision

The Netherlands is one of the few countries where PhD students are employees of the university. There are several ways to obtain a PhD:

  • As an employee of Leiden University. If we have job vacancies we advertise them via the link below. If we do not have vacancies, candidates may look for funding in their own institute or country, or apply for a private scholarship.
  • On a scholarship - arranged by candidates themselves - from a foreign government, an international organisation or a Dutch fund for example;
  • As an external PhD candidate. Candidates work on their thesis in their own time, and the projects are self-financed or paid for by another employer. The thesis is written under the (co-) supervision of our senior staff.

If you have a scholarship or want to pursue a PhD as an external candidate, you can contact us for more information on opportunities, conditions and entry requirements.

In most cases PhD supervision will take place within the Netherlands Graduate School of Science, Technology and Modern Culture.


If you have further questions please contact info@cwts.leidenuniv.nl.

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