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Andrea Reyes Elizondo, MA

Andrea Reyes Elizondo is a researcher at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS). One of her research lines focuses on the networks between academic institutions and health science systems around the world. For this she is involved in the Leiden Ranking and European research infrastructure for science, technology and innovation policy studies 2 (RISIS2) projects. Her other line of research focuses on research integrity as experienced and enacted by researchers as well as academic editors and publishers. For this she was previously involved in Promoting integrity as an integral dimension of excellence in research (Printeger) and is currently working for the  Standard Operating Procedures for Research Integrity (SOPs4RI) project.

Andrea is also a PhD candidate at the Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society (LUCAS) on the history of reading in New Spain. She holds a BA in Communication Sciences, a BA in Dutch Studies, and a MA in Book History. Next to her research work she is a member of the board of the Dutch book historians association (NBV).



Journal publications (5)

  • Reyes Elizondo, A.E., Calero-Medina, C.M., & Visser, M.S. (2022). The three-step workflow: a pragmatic approach to allocating academic hospitals’ affiliations for bibliometric purposes. Journal of Data and Information Science, 7(1), 20-36. (paper)
  • Labib, K., Evans, N., Roje, R., Kavouras, P., Reyes Elizondo, A.E., Kaltenbrunner, W., Buljan, I., Ravn, T., Widdershoven, G., Bouter, L.M., Charitidis, C.A., Sørensen, M.P., & Tijdink, J.K. (2021). Education and training policies for research integrity: insights from a focus group study, : scab077. Science and Public Policy. (paper)
  • Sørensen, M.P., Ravn T. Marušic A. Reyes Elizondo A.E., Kavouras, P., Tijdink, J.K., & Bendtsen, A.K. (2021). Strengthening research integrity: which topic areas should organisations focus on? Humanities and Social Sciences Communications, 8, 1-15. (paper)
  • Mejlgaard, N., Bouter, L.M., Gaskell, G., Kavouras, P., Allum, N., Bendtsen, A.K., Charitidis, C.A., Claesen, N., Dierickx, K., Domaradzka, A., Reyes Elizondo, A.E., Foeger, N., Hiney, M., Kaltenbrunner, W., Labib, K., Marušic, A., Sørensen, M.P., Ravn, T., Šcepanovic, R., Tijdink, J.K., & Veltri, G.A. (2020). Research integrity: nine ways to move from talk to walk. Nature, 586, 358-360. doi:10.1038/d41586-020-02847-8 (paper)
  • Reyes Elizondo, A.E. (2018). Paper Weight. TXT, 4, 144-152. (paper)

Conference publications (1)

  • Reyes Elizondo, A.E. (2019). ‘Thus they consented and signed before me’. Tracing books in the historical collection of the notaries archive from Mexico City. Ravensteinnd MEDIATE conference, Private Libraries and Private Library Inventories, 1665 – Locating, Studying and Understanding Sources. In (pp. 2).

Book chapters (3)

  • Reyes Elizondo, A.E. (2020). Itinerant shelves: a glimpse of informal book trade in Real de Chiapa (New Spain, XVII). In W. van Arnooi, A. Dlabacová, E. Geleijns, J. Schaeps, G. Warnar, & S. van Zanen (Eds.), Om het boek: Cultuurhistorische bespiegelingen over boeken en mensen (pp. 1-6). Verloren. (paper)
  • Reyes Elizondo, A.E. (2020). Reizende boeken. Een spoor van informele boekhandel in Real de Chiapa (Nieuw-Spanje) in de zeventiende eeuw. In W. van Anrooij, A. Dlabacová, E. Geleijns, J. Schaeps, G. Warnar, & S. van Zanen (Eds.), Om het boek: Cultuurhistorische bespiegelingen over boeken en mensen (pp. 130-135). Verloren.
  • Reyes Elizondo, A.E. (2020). To read or not to read: textual vs media interpretation. In S. Hendrikx, M. Oudshoorn, L. Smits, & T. Vergeer (Eds.), Arts in Society: Academic Rhapsodies (pp. 42-61). Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society. (paper)

Research assistant

T: +31 71 527 2166

E: a.e.reyes.elizondo@cwts.leidenuniv.nl

ORCID: 0000-0002-5676-2122

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