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Ingeborg Meijer, PhD

Ingeborg Meijer is a part-time researcher and leader of the working group SURe (Society Using Research) at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) of Leiden University in the Netherlands. Her research focuses on the societal use of research, especially the development of proxies, tools and indicators, to help in research assessment purposes. The working group takes a data-driven approach (exploring altmetrics) and a qualitative approach investigating researcher and stakeholder visions and values. Ingeborg has a PhD in biomedicine from the University of Leiden, and worked subsequently in a biotech company (Celltech), in health research policy (RGO), and in European science innovation and technology policy evaluation (Technopolis Group) before returning to academia.



Journal publications (1)

  • Meijer, I., Molas-Gallart, J., & Mattsson, P. (2012). Networked research infrastructures and their governance: The case of biobanking. Science and Public Policy, 39(4), 491-499. doi:10.1093/scipol/scs033.

Conference publications (3)

  • Meijer, I., Zahedi, Z., Belder, R., & Van der Weijden, I.C.M. (2014). Researchers with a personal grant: Perceptions on societal relevance and outputs. In Research Funding & Dynamics of Science Workshop.
  • Van der Weijden, I.C.M., Zahedi, Z., Must, ., & Meijer, I. (2014). Gender differences in societal orientation and output of individual scientists. In Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators (pp. 680-686).
  • Meijer, I., Calero-Medina, C.M., & Abma-Schouten, R. (2013). Societal Use of Research (SURe): stakeholder perceptions and data method development. In Proceedings of 18th International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators (pp. 237-241).

Senior researcher and research evaluation consultant

T: +31 71 527 6074

E: i.meijer@cwts.leidenuniv.nl

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