Inge van der Weijden, PhD

Researcher. PhD in social sciences (2007). Worked at CWTS from January 2012. Inge conducts research on the motivation, selection and evaluation of scholars in order to better understand career development of scientists. Special attention is given to the academic gender balance. Also interested in academic leadership. Responsible for the CWTS press communication.



Journal publications (12)

Conference publications (4)

  • Heuritsch, J., Waaijer, C.J.F., & Van der Weijden, I.C.M. (2016). Survey on the Labour Market Position of PhD Graduates. In Proceedings of the 21th International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators (pp. 741-749).
  • Waaijer, C.J.F., Van der Weijden, I.C.M., & Wouters, P. (2015). Publication and grant pressure: How they are perceived by early career researchers and influence on career choices. In Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators.
  • Meijer, I., Zahedi, Z., Belder, R., & Van der Weijden, I.C.M. (2014). Researchers with a personal grant: Perceptions on societal relevance and outputs. In Research Funding & Dynamics of Science Workshop.
  • Van der Weijden, I.C.M., Zahedi, Z., Must, ., & Meijer, I. (2014). Gender differences in societal orientation and output of individual scientists. In Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators (pp. 680-686).

Book chapters (1)

  • Van Arensbergen, P., Van der Weijden, I.C.M., & Van den Besselaar, P. (2014). Academic talent selection in grant review panels. In K. Prpic, I.C.M. Van Der Weijden, & N. Asheulova (Eds.), (Re)searching Academic Careers (pp. 25-54). Publishing House Nestor-Historica.

Senior researcher

T: +31 71 527 6073


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