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Dr. Jamal El Ouahi

Jamal El Ouahi is a visiting researcher at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) of Leiden University. He holds a PhD in Quantitative Science Studies from CWTS, Leiden University. Jamal’s research interests include quantitative science studies as well as research evaluation.

His PhD thesis analyses the recent transformation of the science systems of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). His dissertation draws predominantly on large-scale quantitative methods. Individual studies include an analysis of collaboration and mobility in the MENA region, the changing levels of participation of women in scientific research in the MENA region, and the first detailed analysis of the Arabic Citation Index. The latter study urges stakeholders to consider developing a more inclusive research evaluation framework within the MENA region. In addition to studies drawing on large-scale quantitative methods, the dissertation includes a mixed-method study drawing on funding acknowledgments to understand who is involved in funding research in the MENA region. Moreover, his dissertation includes a qualitative study that explores how research managers in the MENA region use scientometric data and indicators.

Jamal also holds a General Engineering diploma and a Master in Applied Mathematics. He works as a consultant at Clarivate.




Journal publications (5)

  • El Ouahi, J. (2024). Research funding in the Middle East and North Africa: analyses of acknowledgments in scientific publications indexed in the Web of Science (2008-2021). Scientometrics, 1-36. (paper)
  • El Ouahi, J. (2024). Scientometric rules as a guide to transform science systems in the Middle East and North Africa. Scientometrics, 129(2), 869-888. (paper)
  • El Ouahi, J. (2023). The Arabic Citation Index-Toward a better understanding of Arab scientific literature. Quantitative Science Studies, 4(2), 1-28. (paper)
  • El Ouahi, J., & Larivière, V. (2023). On the lack of women researchers in the Middle East and North Africa. Scientometrics, 128(8), 4321-4348. (paper)
  • El Ouahi, J., Robinson-García, N., & Costas, R. (2021). Analyzing scientific mobility and collaboration in the Middle East and North Africa. Quantitative Science Studies, 2(3), 1023-1047. (paper)

Conference publications (1)

  • El Ouahi, J. (2021). Early insights into the Arabic Citation Index. Proceedings of 18th International Conference on Scientometrics and Informetrics (ISSI) (pp. 345-356), KU Leuven. (paper)

Reports (1)

  • Adams, J., El Ouahi, J., Pendlebury, D., & Szomszor, M. (2021). The changing research landscape of the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey. Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)., Global Research Report. (paper)

Visiting researcher

E: j.el.ouahi@cwts.leidenuniv.nl

ORCID: 0000-0002-3458-7503

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