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Dr. Leo Waaijers

Visiting researcher. Leo is director of QOAM (Quality Open Access Market), an academic forum where authors may share their experience with a journal in which they have published. These experiences, in combination with the publication fees (‘article processing charges’ or APCs) recorded on the QOAM forum, make it a kind of market place. QOAM may become one of the constituents of a ‘bazaar’ for information on journals, a concept CWTS brought forward after a successful workshop of various initiatives in the field of policies and practices of journals (see this blogpost for more details). ‘Bazaar’ refers to the mode of cooperation between individual entities towards a common goal: bottom up and based on a shared concept and infrastructure.

Leo has a long-time experience in the domain of scholarly information and open access publishing. He was librarian at both Delft University of Technology and Wageningen University and concluded his career as manager of the national SURF program ICT and Research. After his official retirement, he started QOAM, volunteering in this together with Saskia de Vries from the Fair Open Access Alliance (FOAA). At CWTS Leo will work on building a sustainable future for QOAM and contribute to the development of the bazaar.



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