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Marta Sienkiewicz, MSc

Marta Sienkiewicz is a PhD candidate and a member of the Science and Evaluation Studies (SES) research group at CWTS, Leiden University. She is interested in research governance, research impact, and science-policy-society interfaces. Her PhD project relates to the recognition & rewards debates and focuses on studying new tools used in research evaluation, particularly those which aim to capture wider notions of research quality, excellence and impact.

Marta has an MSc (cum laude) in sociology from the University of Amsterdam and a BSc in applied social sciences from the University of Warsaw. Before her appointment at CWTS, she spent 5,5 years at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, where she focused on strengthening connections between science and policy inside the Commission and across the European Union. She worked on various aspects of evidence-informed policymaking (e.g. skills and capacity building, increasing policy impact of science, the role of values and identities in evidence-informed policymaking), and co-edited the Science for Policy Handbook.


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