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Dr. Sarahanne Field

Sarahanne M. field is postdoc at CWTS (the Centre for Science and Technology Studies; Leiden University). At CWTS, she is involved in a project with two aims: 1) to diversify and broaden the research community’s understanding of responsible research practices (RRP) across disciplines and institutes in the UK and Europe, and 2) to develop and evaluate a community of practice (CoP) surrounding that diversified conceptualization of RRP. This project is a collaboration between CWTS Leiden (Prof. Sarah de Rijcke), Maastricht University (Dr. Bart Penders) and the University of Bristol (Prof. Marcus Munafò and Dr. Jackie Thompson). 

Her PhD dissertation (University of Groningen) explored the structure and culture of the reform movement, using ethnographic and network analysis approaches. It argued that the reform movement community is best characterized as a constellation – or group – of CoPs, and that while the enterprise of science reform unites these CoPs, it is most fruitful to emphasize the diversity and complexity their differences lend the movement.

Sarahanne has published on topics relating to reform and metascience: replication target selection, reflexivity and the unintended consequences of the scientific reform movement are some of her favorite topics. With a background in quantitative research methods and statistics (her research master specialization was psychometrics and statistics) and a deep love for qualitative inquiry, she gets excited about mixed-methods approaches to scientific challenges.


Postdoctoral fellow

E: s.m.field@cwts.leidenuniv.nl

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